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Sincerely camp starlight

A feature film screenplay. 

Jonah and Shakes are the worst campers in Camp Starlight history. The two delinquent best friends are 13 year olds burdened with very adult pains and neglectful parents back at home, and this is their last weekend of their last summer at camp, the one place where they can retain their childlike spirit and innocence.

When the sharp fragment of a fallen star descends into camp, the two misunderstood, troublemaking adolescents must become the unlikeliest of heroes to save Camp Starlight, and their innocence, from a strange magic and a supernatural danger on these final nights of childhood.

Stand By Me / 400 Blows meets Classic Spielberg at a summer camp.

Written under the mentorship of Melissa Mathison, the Academy Award Nominated Screenwriter of E.T.